MATO Drive’s Mission
Sustainable AA TOP enterprise, become the leader of the field, benefit customers worldwide by creating most innovative products!
MATO Drive’s Aim
Be success with customers: providing high-quality, complete products and services to meet customer's requirements.
Developing with employees: employees are our wealth, to provide staff with a good working environment and opportunities for development.
Progress together ?with society: Assist to establish a sound market system, boost the economic development and fulfill social responsibility.
Share profit with shareholders: Maximize shareholders' equity, emphasis on shareholder's value and create sustainable business.
MATO Drive’s Management Philosophy
Business philosophy: We grow up with customers.
Product concept: Quality is life of a company, optimizing product is the source of development.
Service philosophy: From the people’s, for the people.
Talent concept: to inspire talents with grand career, attract talents with good treatment, condense talents with outstanding enterprise culture, and create talents with good opportunities.
Cost concept: We refuse to waste, even a penny it is.

MATO Drive’s Values
Keep commitment: A man can not stand with no credibility.
Remember the responsibility: Taking responsibility as glory, and create value.
Results-oriented: Be proud of ?beyond, and be ashamed of no result.
Continuous improvement: Meet customer needs and exceed their own.

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